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FREE 15 min. New Patient Consultation

Briefly explore your health concerns, explain Naturopathic medicine and how we can assist you. Fill out our contact form and a coordinator will schedule you!

Initial Visit $350

Naturopathic Health Assessment: Review of overall health concerns. The goal is to assess your individual needs and formulate a plan that will assist in restoring your health.

Telemedicine Wellness Consultation $350

When it comes to health and diet, one size does not fit all. Find out how to improve your energy and weight loss through your own personal health analysis.

Follow-Up Visit $175 Hr.

During this visit we focus on ensuring that your plan is adequate. We address any questions or concerns and make adjustments as needed.

FULL BODY Detox Program starting at $340

We offer the world's most comprehensive full body detox program. The DETOX incorporates a series of detoxes, making sure you go step-by-step and thoroughly cleanse everything from toxins & heavy metals to stones and even excess fat from the liver.

Personalized Wellness Plan $188

We access your current diet, digestive concerns, any known allergies, sensitivities, food intolerance and create an unique dietary plan.

Supplementation Analysis

Nutritional supplements are often an important part of your health and healing. During this visit you will learn the importance about supplements and we will select an appropriate one for your needs.


  • Detoxification

  • Infrared Sauna

  • Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Constitutional Hydrotherapy

  • Cancer Therapies

  • Nutrition

  • IV Therapy

  • Alternative Pain Therapies


Cancer Care

IV Therapy

Clinical Nutrition

Detoxification / Cleansing Clinically

Weight Loss / Weight Gain Clinical Level

Botanical Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Lifestyle Coaching

Hyperbaric Oxygen



Hormone Balancing

and More!

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